5 Ways Himalayan Ecotourism is redefining tourism post Covid-19 pandemic

By Tanmayi Gidh, coordinator at Himalayan Ecotourism

What part of the ‘normal’ life did you miss most since last year? For us, it would be the chance to welcome you in the mountains. The chance to take you across valleys unexplored, introduce you to cultures and communities you’d never find anywhere else, walk with you a short while through pine forests and plum trails and apple orchards. We write this with a smile because we get to welcome you back to our homes – Welcome to the gorgeous Tirthan Valley in 2021!

We’ve taken the last few months to rethink what we could do better and how we could offer the best to our guests. Let us run you through how we’ve been preparing for you stay in the coming months.

Trips curated by industry experts

We understand you. We understand that every traveller is unique and so are their expectations out of a travel experience. Our team has spent years in the sustainable tourism industry, and are able to curate a trip exclusively suited to your liking. Following the pandemic, we understand you may have concerns regarding health, sanitation and safety. Rest assured, when you travel and stay with us, we deliver nothing short of the best standard of hospitality for our guests.

Workations – Providing long-term stays

Take a break, move your workstation, become a part of a slower, insightful travel movement with Himalayan Ecotourism. Our homestays are equipped with the comfort, warmth, and hospitality of a home but also provide the professional setting and convenience to facilitate working remotely. Explore designated workspaces, internet and the quiet you need as you make the best of both worlds! Get in touch with us to explore a plan and stay that works best for you.

workation in the himalayas

Supporting local communities

Himalayan Ecotourism was built on the foundation of providing a sustainable source of livelihood for local communities in the Tirthan Valley. For over 8 years now, we’re proud to say, we’ve delivered. HET supports the 65 members of our cooperative society and their families earn a living through sustainable, ethical tourism practices – including treks, day trips, homestays, among others. Ours was one of the many industries hit by the pandemic in 2020. Like everyone else, we’re rebuilding. By choosing to travel with a local-run, sustainable tourism company, not only are you getting a personalized travel experience but also helping local communities get back on their feet.

Supporting local communities by travelling

Offering Offbeat travel experiences

There may have never been a better time to emphasise on our philosophy of exploring unexplored, uncrowded destinations. We do this to encourage support for our local team and prevent the stress on resources that comes with commercializing a single tourist destination. As we resume our operations, we revive our commitment to ethical, personalized, offbeat travel experiences. Traveling with Himalayan Ecotourism gives you the chance to walk through the lush trails of the Great Himalayan National Park, explore the snow desert in Spiti or simply unwind in the company of the picturesque mountains of the Tirthan Valley.

offbeat travel

Promoting Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Practices

If we’ve learnt anything in the last year, it would have to be that coexistence and respect for our environment is the only way to explore a sustainable future for all of us. Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic has further strengthened our resolve to only offer meaningful, sustainable travel options to our travellers. Himalayan Ecotourism has always been a champion of sustainable travel practices that respect nature, help track and control your carbon emissions, keep trash off your favourite trails and adopt travel trends that don’t cause a strain on the natural resources in the region. Children, corporates, families, solo travellers, and anyone else who has accompanied us over the years, take back so much more than just memories of the wonderful mountains; they back a learning and love for a lifetime.

responsible tourism in the himalayas

We’re all set and excited to have you back with us this year. To book a trip with us, write to us at info@himalyanecotourism.com.

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