E-Bike Tours in Ladakh


Looking for an adventure that doesn’t let you compromise on sustainable travel? An e-Cycling tour to Ladakh is something you should tick off your bucket list.

What is an Electric Bicycle ?

An electric bicycle (or an eBike) is a motorised bicycle. It uses an integrated electric motor that assists in propulsion. An electric bicycle makes it easier to get uphill. You will be saving on fuel while having a healthier lifestyle.

E-bike tour, the best way to explore Ladakh?

An E-bicycle tourwill ensure that you explore the serene lands in an environment-friendly way without disrupting the local ecosystems. Sustainability lies at the heart of all the experiences we curate for you.

E-cycle tours that we offer in Ladakh

We offer both day tours and multi-day tours to explore Ladakh on an e-bicycle

Nimmoo E-cycle day tour

    After breakfast, we start riding from Leh towards Nimmoo. On our way, we will visit the Magnetic Hill, and Sangam (confluence of Indus and Zanskar).

We will have our lunch at a traditional homestay in Nimmoo. After spending some time in the village, we start our return ride.
    Total Ride Distance for the Nimmoo E-bicycle day tour is approximately 60 km

Thiksey e-cycle day tour

    After breakfast, we start towards the Sindhu Ghat. This is where the Sindhu Darshan Festival is celebrated ideally during June. We will then proceed to Thiksey Monastery.
Lunch will be arranged at a traditional homestay in Shey. After Lunch, we move ahead to Stok. We will visit the Stok Palace and Museum, the Buddha statue, before starting our return ride to Leh.

    Total Ride Distance for the Thiksey E-bicycle day tour is approximately 50 km

Likir – Alchi e-cycle tour - 1N/2D

    Day 1 - Ensure that you ask your hotel staff for early breakfast, as we will start early today. En route to Nimmoo, we will visit the Sangam and Magnetic Hill.
After lunch in Nimmoo, we will proceed to Likir. We will spend some time at the Gompa and finally ride to Alchi where we will stay at a traditional homestay.

    Day 2 – After breakfast, we start our return journey. We will enjoy the scenic landscape as we head to Nimmoo where we will have lunch and then continue to reach Leh in the evening.

    Total Ride Distance for the 1N/2D Likir – Alchi E-bicycle tour is approximately 126 km

Hemis Shukpachan e-cycle tour - 3N/4D

    Day 1 - Ensure to finish your breakfast early, we will be riding close to 70 km today. We will visit the Magnetic Hill and the confluence of Indus and Zanskar to reach Nimmoo at lunchtime.
After lunch, we continue to Alchi where we will spend the night in a homestay.

    Day 2 – After a traditional breakfast, we will head to Hemis Shukpachan. We will explore this hamlet and enjoy the serene landscape. Lunch and dinner will be at the traditional homestay where we will spend the night gazing at a starry sky.

    Day 3 – Today we will ride to Nimmoo. Enroute we will visit Likir.

    Day 4 – We return to Leh from Nimmu. En route, we will visit Sangam and Magnetic Hill.

    Total Ride Distance for the 3N/4D Hemis Shukpachan E-bicycle tour is approximately 180 km

Khardung La e-cycle Tour - 3N/4D

    Day 1 – We will start from Leh after breakfast. We first visit the Matho Gompa. The Matho Nagrang festival is celebrated here in March. The festival is a platform that displays the colors of the rich traditions and culture of Ladakh.
You will get a glimpse into the Tibetan culture. Then we will proceed to the Stakna Gompa which offers picturesque views of the landscape. We will end our ride for today at Sakti, where we spend the night in a traditional homestay

    Day 2 – Today we will ride to Agham. Although Agham is mostly barren, the Shyok river and the landscape will offer serenity. You will still be able to sense calm despite the gushing sound of the water.

    Day 3 – We continue our adventure and ride to Khardung. No! Not the Khardung La pass! But yeah, you guessed it right. We are on one of the highest motorable roads in the world. We will spend the evening in Khardung village.

    Day 4 – Today! The part of the tour you all have been looking forward to from day 1. We ride to the Khardung Top and once you have the perfect picture for your Instagram, we continue to descend to reach Leh by evening.

    Total Ride Distance for the 3N/4D Khardung La E-bicycle Tour is approximately 230 km

Are the e-cycling tours suitable for you ?

    Cycling in the mountains is not an easy game, especially at such high altitude. Nevertheless, e-cycling allows anyone with an average fitness to enjoy cycling in a much easier way. Hence, our e-cycling tours are suitable for those who like to leisurely cycle for 4-6 hours a day. Of course a minimum level of fitness is required as we will be cycling at a high altitude.

    Photography and adventure enthusiasts who want to travel responsibly

    Anyone who simply wants to take a deep dive into their soul while engaging in slow tourism

List of Essentials for e-bike Tour

Here is a non-exhaustive of list items you must take for your e-bike tour to Ladakh :

    Inner thermals 1-2 pairs (must have)
    A fleece jacket and a windcheater (must have), cycling jacket as per personal requirement
    Shoes comfortable for cycling should be fine. (prefer water resistant)
    Woollen socks: 1-2 pairs, Synthetic cotton socks: 1-2 pairs.
    Sweatshirts/shirts with quick-dry material
    A warm pullover with a hoodie
    Comfortable trekking pants and cycling pants/shorts (padded)
    A down fill (-5C) jacket for staying at high altitude places or in a sudden change in weather.
    Cap / Hat / Balaclava
    Full finger hand gloves
    Sunglasses, sunscreen and moisturising lotion.
    Photo Id Card and enough cash (ATMs’ may get out of order at times)

Your e-bike tour in Ladakh

Fascinated about a particular village in Ladakh? Want to have your customised circuit tour? Have enough days and wish to explore the Zanskar over a longer duration? Just write to us about the kind of experience you are looking forward to and we will curate the best itinerary for you.

Photos of e-cycling tour in Ladakh

E-bike tour in Ladakh

E-Bicycle Tour in Ladakh

Engage in a tour that is not only adventurous but also sustainable

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

E-bicycle tours can be customized to include specific destinations

Majestic Landscapes in Ladakh

Majestic Landscapes

Throughout the journey, we will be surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes

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