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Fixed date departure trek GHNP

Fixed departure treks in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)


How does it work ?

Trekking in a group is always cheaper.
But perhaps you can't find anybody else for coming with you for a trek in or around the GHNP.
In this case you may consider joining one of our fixed departure treks.
We offer 3 , 4 and 5 day fixed departure treks into the GHNP. The the dates of these treks are mentioned in the table on the right. The treks are sorted chronologically by month.

If you are interested in joining one of these treks, just send us an email at info@himalayanecotourism.com and tell us which trek you would like to join. Please also mention the number of people you could gather for the trek if you are already more than one :-).
We will record your enquiry and let you know when the trek is confirmed.
Any fixed departure trek is confirmed as soon as the group reach 4 participants.
The maximum number of participants is 10.

Conditions and price

  The fixed departure treks are confirmed from a number of 4 participants. The maximium number of participants is 10.

  If you register yourself for a fixed departure trek and the group do not reach 4 participants we can still confirm the trek after re-negotiating the price and conditions of the trek.

  Our fixed departure treks are organized under our classic Himalayan Ecotourism plan. You will have a double or single sharing 4-season tent, a quality 3-season sleeping bag with a pillow and a liner, a very good air mat and a small stool. In case you need any other outdoor gears or gadget, please check in this page and let's know what you want. You will be charged little extra.

  The given prices include our experienced trekking staff, all the meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on the last day, all the camping equipment (see the point above) for you and the staff. .

  The prices do not include any road transportation for you and/or the staff, extra porters for carrying your personal stuff, park entry permit or tent pitching fee, tips for the staff, 5% GST (gvt. taxes).


  2 day trek : INR 4,800 per person

  3 day trek : INR 8,500 per person

  4 day trek : INR 11,900 per person

  5 day trek : INR 14,900 per person (more than 5 participants) INR 15,900 per person (4 or 5 participants)

Choice of treks

The participants of the group decide where they want to trek. A Whatsapp group is created to communicate and decide all together the trek destination.

The options :

  3 day trek : Shilt Hut or Kundri.

  4 day trek : Rakhundi, Marahni or Lambri.

  5 day trek : Ookhal thach, Nada + Kobri or Dhel.

Fixed departure trek prices


2 days

Price per person



3 days

Price per person



4 days

Price per person



5 days

Price per person

   > 5 pax
   4 or 5 pax

Fixed departure trek dates

Treks Dates
Pin Parvati in 10 days

21-Sep to 30-Sep

4 day trek

27-Sep to 30-Sep

4 day trek

29-Sep to 02-Oct

Treks Dates
4 day trek

5-Oct to 8-Oct

3 day trek

11-Oct to 13-Oct

2 day trek (Rolla)

13-Oct to 14-Oct

3 day trek

18-Oct to 20-Oct

4 day trek

25-Oct to 28-Oct

Treks Dates
3 day trek

1-Nov to 3-Nov

4 day trek

9-Nov to 12-Nov