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Saraumga Trek


Saraumga Trek: Get yourself amongst giants !

Saraumga Trek is not so strenuous compared to similar treks in the Himalayas. But yet it lets you experience the unmatched feeling of being in very high mountain environment.

And you really are with giants around you!
Papsura (6451 m), Indrasan (6221 m) and Deo Tibba (6001 m) will be with you on this trek. These peaks are actually higher than the peaks around the Pin-Parvati pass.

Another great fact about Saraumga is that it is virtually not known. Forget the crowd of the Parvati valley or the treks around Manali, you will be most probably alone... with your trek mates and our staff of course.

The trek starts from the Tosh village in the Parvati valley. You will cross all the ecosystems of this part of the Himalayas. From Himalayan Cedar and Golden Oak forests to apple orchards, meadows, high altitude pastures, rocks and impressive glaciers.

In short Saraumga is a dramatic trek easy to reach from any place in northern India, that doesn't require to be athletic and that is definitely off the beaten track.

Saraumga Trek features

Duration of your trek  

Day-min : The minimum number of days required for the trek
Day-max : The maximum number of days you can spend on this trek. Prolonged itinerary can be discussed with our team.
AWTD : Average walking time per day (<3 : easy, 3 to 5 : moderate, >5 : strenuous)

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Overall : Average between Stamina and Technical rating.


2460 m
4180 m
1720 m
1720 m

Saraumga trek map

Saraumga trek map in Himachal Pradesh

Saraumga Trek itinerary summary

Saraumga trek follows the Tosh river up to the Sara basecamp at the confluence of two large glaciers. The descent is done the same way.

Best time to trek to Saraumga

Best time to trek to Saraumga is from end of June to September.

You may also consider early June if the snow conditions permits.
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Saraumga trek itineraries

Base camp in 7 or 8 days
   Going up to the base camp. With or without an exploration day.
Day 1 From Tosh to Budhavan.
After a night spent in a guest house at Tosh you start climbing toward Budhavan going through beautiful forest and waterfalls. Night at the Budhavan meadow.
Day 2 From Budhavan to Sharm Thach.
Shortly after Budhavan you will leave the forest behind and enter a complete different ecosystem with large meadows and bushes. The view on the mountains opens up. Night at the Sharm Thach meadow.
Day 3 From Sharm Thach to Shamshi Thach.
Today you will realize how great is Saraumga trek ! At 3850 m you reach Shamshi Thach at the confluence of two impressive valleys surrounded by high peaks. A large moraine ends up just above the campsite.
Day 4 From Shamshi Thach to Sara base camp.
It is a very exciting day during which we cross the 4000 m level to reach the base camp among rocks and patches of snow covering the glacier. The sceneries around are amazing.
Day 5 Exploration day around the base camp (optional).
Where do you want to hike today? Ask advise to your guide. Perhaps a walk toward the Saraumga pass to enjoy the awesome view of the entire valley? Night at the same camp.
Day 6 From Sara base camp to either Sharm Thach or Shamshi Tach.
Day 7 From Sharm Thach or Shamshi Tach to Budhavan.
Day 8 From Budhavan to Tosh.
Saraumga pass in 8 days
   Saraumga pass trek up to the Chandra river in Lahaul & Spiti.
Day 1 From Tosh to Budhavan.
Day 2 From Budhavan to Sharm Thach.
Day 3 From Sharm Thach to Shamshi Thach.
Day 4 From Shamshi Thach to Sara base camp.
Day 5 Rest or exploration day around the base camp.
Day 6 From Sara base camp to a campsite just below the Saraumga pass.
Day 7 Crossing the Saraumga pass, progressing half-way on the Chhota Shigri glacier and camp.
Day 8 Going down to he Chandra valley, river crossing and end of trek at Chattru.

Photos of Saraumga trek

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