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Mountain Biking in the Himachal Pradesh

Cycling in the Himalayas

Cycling Tours in the Himalayas

A cycling holiday in the Himalayas is quintessential slow travel and one of the best ways to savour the beauty of the Himalayan landscape and countryside. For adventure cyclists, the higher regions can offer a wildly satisfying and challenging experience because of the steep gradients and sharp bends high-altitude mountain routes are known for. It demands fitness and experience. 

But you can still enjoy cycling tours in the Himalayas at lower altitudes. We offer cycling tours mainly in Mandi and Kullu. The cycling trails in the Himalayas that we have on our itinerary avoid steep climbing slopes and are mostly the flatter trails in the valley region. Mountain biking is still exhilarating here as you will be weaving through villages and hamlets and forests and meadows, trails that are often not easy to access when travelling on a motorbike or jeep. 

You will be resting at local homestays during the cycling tours. We can also bring in a camping experience into it. We provide the bicycles suitable for mountain biking and the guide accompanying you is trained to take care of repairs and ensure safety. 

For a slow, rustic, and exhilarating experience, join our cycling tours.

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