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Good for you and for the planet !

Experience luxury with our exclusive range of 100% natural and responsibly crafted products, meticulously made by skilled women artisans from the Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Nature’s finest for your wellness

Discover a new level of well-being with Himalayan Ecocreation.

We’re dedicated to crafting high-quality products for a luxurious bathroom experience. Our commitment to using 100% pure and organic raw materials sets us apart from products with negligible herb infusions, ensuring skin-friendliness and health without artificial additives like SLS, parabens, and more.

Handmade Soaps in the Tirthan Valley
Sustainability in the Himalayas

Championing Sustainability

At Himalayan Ecocreation we prioritize sustainability by reducing the environmental impacts of our products. All our ingredients are procured domestically, if not locally. We use water-run mills to extract pure apricot kernel oil, minimizing the carbon footprint of our products. Our conservation efforts in the Tirthan Valley aids to carbon sequestration. And our sustainable ethos extends to plastic-free, reusable, recyclable packaging. Though our products may cost more, they reflect quality and sustainability, supporting fair wages and environmental responsibility.


Join us in fostering a Sustainable future !

Empowering local Women Artisans

Our social enterprise involves the women of Tirthan Valley, operating on a profit-sharing basis within a self-help group structure. They are fairly rewarded for their contributions, and through collective management of earnings and profits, the group ensures equitable participation and empowers its members. Working as artisans not only provides them with financial support but also creates a joyous social environment.

With every purchase, you contribute to the economic, social, and cultural empowerment of women in our communities, fostering a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Women of the Himalayas
Chemical Free and No Preservatives
100% natural and safe
Locally sourced ingredients
Fully disclosed ingredient list
100% non-carcinogenic

Our Curated collection

Handmade Soap in the Tirthan Valley

Handmade soaps
Handcrafted with 91% of saponified oils, these vegan-friendly soaps offer a thick lather and deep moisturization.

Pure apricot kernel oil by Himalayan Ecocreation.

Apricot kernel oil
Cold-pressed through a traditional Kolhu method, this naturally extracted oil is ideal for use in cooking, skincare, and hair care.

Sunscreen Balm by Himalayan Ecocreation in the Tirthan Valley

Lip balm
Harnesses the natural goodness of apricot oil and shea butter, providing noticeable improvement within days of use.

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