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Reforestation program involving local women of Tirthan valley

Women empowerment

Women Empowerment in the Himalayas

Our ambition to include women in our projects has been a long and uphill battle. In many parts of rural India, women aren’t given the same social status or respect they rightfully deserve. However, we have been persistent in our efforts to involve women in our movement because no society can truly reform itself until it doesn’t empower its women. Here are a few ways in which we’re leading this change.

Women’s Micro Enterprise – Himalayan Ecocreation

After years of effort towards setting up a micro-enterprise for women to provide them with a platform to earn for themselves using the skills they possess, we have made significant progress. After numerous meetings, discussions, and training sessions, we formed a small team of women from Palach Panchayat to start a microenterprise. Together, we have created a wide range of self-care products, such as handmade soaps and 100% pure apricot oil.

Our intention is to encourage the women’s entrepreneurial spirit, give them the opportunity to use their skills, and help them earn an alternative source of income, especially since most families in the region were adversely affected by the onset of the pandemic.

We continuously rework our model to include flexible working hours and days, encourage traditional handicraft skills, and design a system that allows the women to contribute and work from their homes and fields at their convenience. This approach maximizes the participation of women in the project.

Under Himalayan Ecocreation, we produce a range of 100% natural cosmetics like handmade soap, lip balm, and apricot oil. We are working on designing a more efficient production line. To learn more about Himalayan Ecocreation’s complete story, click here.

Handmade soaps packing in the Tirthan Valley

Packaging Handmade soaps at our local products workshop.

Women as Trekking guides

Women trekking guide in the Great Himalayan National Park

When home drudgery turns into guiding trekkers in the Himalayan wilderness !

Women in the Tirthan Valley trek up difficult slopes with their flock, navigate tricky terrain and carry heavy loads across distances routinely.

Their inherent knowledge of the region makes them great trek leaders and guides.
Women from these villages join us on a number of treks through the year and share good knowledge about management and equipment handling.

They’ve also made some wonderful memories with our guests who join us from all parts of the world.

Read more about our women-led treks.

Women in conservation

We’d like to specially mention Mr. Vinay Tandon’s efforts in motivating us to mobilize women in our conservation efforts. It was during one of our discussions with him that we got the insight of how women have a wonderful capacity to bring people together, understand the value of our environment and are such wonderful nurturers by nature. We realized at that moment that women must be a part of our conservation initiative.

Under our reforestation program, there is a commitment to care for the trees for the next twenty years. Women play a primary role in mobilizing the community, organizing plants procured from the forest nursery and caring for the new saplings.
These jobs also act as an additional source of income for them.

Women at reforestation program in Tirthan valley

Women planting trees near the village Pekhri.

Women at the forefront of Child Development and Education

Women in Child Development and Education in Tirthan valley

Jagita and Bhuma in the classroom with Vishwa (intern) performing a creative activity.

A few women from the villages of Pekhri and Bhiyar who had an inclination for teaching have been trained under experienced educationalists to join as teachers in their respective schools.
They are our salaried employees who introduce interactive, effective teaching methods to teach the children coming to these schools.

We’ve received an encouraging response from parents and students alike since we started in 2018. They are helped by our many education interns in designing progressive and engaging teaching methods but the teachers continue to be the constant link and have developed a strong rapport with the students.

With the upcoming Library and Supplementary Education project coming up in Gushaini, we are positive about training and provide employment to local teachers and extend our outreach in the region.

Video about our women empowerment program

Women empowerment
Women on trek and women for education in the Tirthan valley.

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