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Women of Tirthan valley

Women of Ecocreation

Women of Ecocreation

As proud members of the Jai Maa Durga self-help group, these women show incredible strength, dedication, and love for their families and culture. Get a glimpse into their lives and be inspired by their commitment to sustainability, community, and empowerment.

Heera Devi, 36

Meet Heera, a vibrant soul hailing from the Palach panchayat in the Tirthan Valley of Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh. The journey of her life has been about love, resilience, and purpose. At the tender age of 16, Heera embarked on the journey of marriage with Teja, whom she met amidst the festivities of another wedding. She was welcomed with open arms into her new home in Gulwadhar village, embracing the challenges of adapting to a new life with grace. Although she faced new tasks and responsibilities, her kind in-laws helped her adjust, treating her like their own daughter.

Over the years, Heera went through many ups and downs. She experienced several miscarriages, but her life was filled with joy when her beloved daughter, Shivanjali, was born, showing her hope and strength. Her family grew in other ways too. Her sister married her brother-in-law, bringing Cheeku into their lives, who loved Heera like a second mother.

Heera isn’t just a wife and mother; she has many interests. She loves to dance, especially the beautiful Pahadi nati, which makes her feel joyful and graceful. She also enjoys creating content for social media. On her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she has hundreds of followers, she shares snippets of her daily life and family. Heera is passionate about community service, especially by raising awareness about menstrual health for women in rural areas through government programs. Her dedication to making a difference brought her to Himalayan Ecocreation, where she underwent training for three months, immersing herself in the art of crafting sustainable handmade products.

For Heera, working at Himalayan Ecocreation isn’t just a job; it’s a place where she finds happiness and friendship. Surrounded by close friends and extended family members among her co-workers, her workdays are filled with laughter, shared dreams, and meaningful talks. This teamwork boosts her love for crafting, not only as a source of income but also as a symbol of her economic independence and empowerment.

Women of Himalayas
Women of Himalayas


Neelam comes from a small village called Sirikot in Banjar tehsil. She grew up in a loving family as the eldest of four siblings. Life took a challenging turn when her father suffered a devastating accident that left him paralyzed below the waist. With her mother devoted to caring for her father, Neelam had to shoulder the responsibilities at home. Leaving school after the 12th grade, she worked tirelessly in the fields to support her grandmother, siblings, and herself.

When her father regained his ability to walk, the family’s financial situation improved significantly. Neelam continued her education at her grandmother’s place in Palach, where she met her future husband during a wedding festivity. Their love story blossomed over secret phone calls and mutual affection, eventually leading them to elope during a local festival. Despite initial resistance from both families, their love triumphed, and they have enjoyed a happy marriage for 13 years, blessed with three children.

Neelam is a dedicated housewife who lovingly cares for her family, their cows and sheep, and the household. She takes the sheep to graze in the fields and works alongside her family in the fields. In her leisure time, Neelam enjoys knitting warm clothes for her loved ones and dancing to traditional pahadi nati, often making videos of her dances.

For the past seven months, Neelam and her friends have been working with Himalayan Ecocreation. She learned about this opportunity through a friend of her brother-in-law and eagerly joined. She is one of the sharpest and quickest-learning artisans, excelling in delicately designing the soap bars. Her precise and artistic touch brings beautiful designs to life, making her an invaluable member of the team.

The income from her work has made Neelam financially independent and has allowed her to contribute to household expenses.


From the Sainj Valley of Kullu district comes Karishna, a remarkable woman who has always had a passion for knitting and sewing. Despite completing only up to the 10th grade, she did not give up on her dreams and ambitions. She longed to open a boutique or a small business centered around her love for crafting beautiful garments.

Karishna grew up believing she would never marry, expecting to live with her parents forever. Her family was well-settled, with her parents working in government jobs and her brother also employed. In her hometown of Sainj Valley, eloping to get married was looked down upon, and Karishna, who deeply respected her family, never even thought about it.
Life, however, had different plans. Karishna is now happily married with two daughters and a son. She has found a second home with her in-laws and cherishes her role as a wife and mother. Her days are filled with love and care, especially when she’s making traditional Himachali dishes like Siddu, rajma, kadhi, and Babru.

Financial independence is important to Karishna. She believes in supporting her passions and hobbies without solely relying on her husband. Her skills in knitting and sewing are put to good use, crafting sweaters, woolen socks, mufflers, and the intricate Pattoo, the traditional dress of local women folk of district Kullu. The process of extracting natural wool and making these things takes a lot of time and focus, but she’s committed to doing it well. In her leisure time, Karishna works in the fields, growing vegetables, and tending to her two sheep, ensuring they are well-fed and taken to graze.

Karishna, fondly called Laalli by her teammates, is the heart and soul of the team. Her quick wit and infectious laughter bring joy to the workshop. She is known for her sharpness and efficiency, especially when packing soaps and measuring packaging paper. Her teammates depend on her fast thinking and reliable skills.

Karishna’s story is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, of family values and personal ambitions. Working with Himalayan Ecocreation, she not only crafts sustainable, handmade products but also fosters love, laughter, and friendship.

Women of Himalayas
Women of Himalayas

Lata Devi, 31

Lata, a dedicated woman and artisan, hails from the village of Shalera in Banjar. As the youngest of four children, she had a joyful childhood filled with laughter, playful tricks, and many games like kho kho, kabaddi, cricket, volleyball, gulli danda, and hide-and-seek with her friends and siblings. Like her older sisters, who were all nurses, Lata dreamed of following in their footsteps and becoming a doctor or nurse herself.

However, life took an unexpected turn for Lata. When she was just 16, she met her husband through relatives, and they soon eloped to Manali. They got married in her husband’s village in Palach panchayat of Gulwadhar village. At first, Lata felt out of place, but her kind in-laws helped her settle in. It took her 4-5 months to adjust to her new life, during which she learned to take on her new responsibilities. By 17, Lata had her first daughter at home. Two years later, she had a son, starting a difficult but fulfilling chapter in her life.

As a housewife, Lata’s daily routine is filled with various tasks, from preparing her children for school and cooking meals to tending to the cattle and working in the fields. She is also involved in Ghaas Katai (Grass cutting), a crucial seasonal activity, and cultivates peas and corn on their land. Despite her numerous responsibilities, Lata has a passion for sewing and knitting. In her leisure time, she lovingly creates sweaters, mufflers, socks, and other warm clothes for her family. Her knitting skills not only bring her joy but also provide comfort and warmth to her loved ones.

Lata’s husband, who previously worked in a hotel in Manali, now stays at home to help with the children. This shift has placed a significant financial burden on Lata, making her role in supporting the family even more crucial. Her daughter aspires to be an engineer, while her son dreams of joining the Army. Although Lata has never traveled outside Himachal, she harbors a shy dream of visiting Goa someday.

Lata found a new avenue for her talents at Himalayan Ecocreation. Crafting handmade products with sustainability at their core, she discovered a community of like-minded women, working alongside her close friends. The income she earns helps her purchase materials for sewing and knitting, enabling her to continue creating warm clothes for her family and contributing to the household finances. This not only empowers her but also inspires others in her community.

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