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Annual Function in local school, Bihar

Child development

Child Development

Holistic Development for Students

With a view to address the issue of lack of quality education in the region and to introduce a younger generation on the path of sustainability and equality, we opened schools in two villages in the Tirthan valley, Kullu district during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two women from each village were selected to teach the children. Himalayan Ecotourism worked with interns to provide training to our teachers.
In addition to Hindi and Mathematics, many other subjects were taught with more hands-on exercises and activities, with an application-based approach to ensure that the children are taught not only theory but are acquainted with real life skills, a broader world view and an empathetic attitude towards society.

The small school in the village of Pekhri was equipped with three computers that allow children to familiarize themselves with the internet and learn English.

To become a part of our team of interns who join us from some of the most renowned institutions across the world, click here.

Primary school children of Tirthan Valley

At our school in the village Bhiyar, Tirthan valley, Great Himalayan National Park.

Students for Conservation

Involving children in Reforestation Program in the Tirthan Valley

Involving the local children in our reforestation program brings a sense of responsibility towards the natural environment.

Our goal is to reach out to students studying in this area as early as possible to make them aware about the environmental hazards of forest fires and make them understand how they can help.

This is why we started the “Stop Forest Fires” campaign.

Under this program we conducted awareness sessions in classes, encouraged them to reach out to people in their village to share the same information and prevent them from lighting controlled fires, and distributed pamphlets in the local communities with the help of the students.

Developing a Nature-Immersive Curriculum for Mountain Ecology and Conservation

We are currently kick-starting an immersive nature education program in local schools in the valley to create an ecological consciousness within children and young adults in communities.

Through our 3 month program, we take students on a 3 stage journey to firstly, observe and reconnect with nature, secondly, begin understanding core concepts of ecology and conservation and lastly, apply their learnings to their households and communities and evaluate sustainability in their context.

We want provide young and budding minds with the faculties to evaluate their communities and empower them to lead sustainable development projects as they grow up.

Through engaging lessons that involve movement, painting, scuplting and observation, children have a fun time but also begin enjoying and understanding the forest they live so closely with.

By March 2023, we will have developed an extensive curriculum that can be replicated and implemented in schools across the Himalayas.

Nature Education Program in the Tirthan valley - Pekhri

Our immersive nature education program in the village Pekhri.

Tirthan Child Development Project

Child Education in the Tirthan Valley

Teaching English and computers is one of our first priority when we think of supplementary education.

We believe that cooperation and collaboration is the most significant way of bringing about meaningful, lasting change. With this intention in mind, we are working with Mr. Shivam Gupta, a friend of Himalayan Ecotourism, to open a children’s library and learning centre in the valley.

Shivam was keen on initiating a social project in the area and we were thrilled to work with him based on our years of experience in the sector. After some deliberation, we decided to open the library in Gushaini which is accessible to children from many villages.

Most importantly, we have decided to expand the role of the library to also function as a centre for supplementary education for children and as a training centre for teachers from villages close to Gushaini. The purpose of doing this is that the trained teachers can replicate a model of supplementary education in their respective villages. Based on their capacity, they can work with as many students as possible to be able to maximize our impact.

To become a part of our ongoing education work as an intern or volunteer, click here.
If you are an experienced educational professional who would like to be a part of this project, get in touch with us here

Update about our Child development program

We would like to inform you that we have temporarily paused our Child Development Program. This decision allows us to focus our resources and energy towards critical social and environmental initiatives, notably our Women Empowerment Program and significant conservation efforts, for the upcoming season of 2024-2025.

By concentrating on these initiatives, we aim to make a substantial impact on pressing issues that align with our core values and vision for sustainable development.We recognize the importance of our Child Development Program and are actively seeking long-term collaborators who share our dedication to these causes. If you are interested in partnering with us on these vital projects, we would be happy to discuss how we can work together to achieve our common goals.

We look forward to your potential collaboration and to making a meaningful difference together.

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