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Easy Camping in the Tirthan Valley

Easy camping in Tirthan Valley

Easy camping in Tirthan Valley

Exploring the Natural Wonderland: Camping in Tirthan Valley

Tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, India, lies the enchanting Tirthan Valley, a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its lush greenery, gushing rivers, and serene surroundings, Tirthan Valley is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable camping experience.

The Allure of Tirthan Valley Camping

Camping in Tirthan Valley offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature in its purest form. The valley’s untouched beauty, nestled in the Great Himalayan National Park, provides a serene backdrop for a perfect escape. Whether you’re an avid trekker, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply seeking solace amidst nature’s wonders, Tirthan Valley has something for everyone.

Nature’s Abundant Delights

Imagine waking up to the melodious symphony of birds, with the fresh mountain air rejuvenating your senses. Tirthan Valley’s diverse ecosystem boasts a myriad of flora and fauna, making it a haven for birdwatchers and wildlife photographers. From the elusive snow leopard to vibrant pheasants, the valley’s biodiversity will leave you awestruck.

Nighttime Magic

As the sun sets behind the towering peaks, the magic of Tirthan Valley takes on a different hue. Gather around a campfire under a star-studded sky and share stories with fellow campers. The tranquil ambiance, combined with the soothing sounds of the river, creates an unforgettable experience of camping beneath the heavens.

Our easy camping in the wild concept

Our Easy Camping in the Wild concept offers you a fun experience
For your adventure camping in Tirthan Valley, we have chosen raw sites close to forests. Most of the campsites can be reached in five- to sixty-minutes.
Our staff will take care of all the camping necessities to make your Tirthan Valley camping trip easy and fun! They will:

  • Set up your camp and light a bonfire in the evening
  • Cook delicious food
  • Share their knowledge about the Himalayan wildlife
  • Ensure your safety and comfort in the wild
  • Carry your belongings and the camping equipment

We offer a genuine camping experience. When you opt to camp with us, you will be pitching tents in a natural environment. It is a real camping adventure! You won’t be going to a place with pitched tents and crowds. Camping with us is as good as staying in a hotel—with the benefit of adventure—as it includes good food, high-quality tents and equipment, and well-trained and experienced staff.
We can also take you camping in the Great Himalayan National Park. Check out our short treks in GHNP.

Peaceful camping in the Tirthan Valley

Easy camping in the wild
A short hike will take you to a beautiful campsite

The camping experience

Fun camping with kids in the Tirthan Valley

Fun camping
A chance for your kids to enjoy nature

There are many reasons to choose easy camping :

  • You don’t want to trek for long hours or put in too much physical effort.
  • You have a short time to enjoy the place.
  • You want an accessible experience, which includes kids, older people, and people with disabilities.
  • You want to experience nature and enjoy the natural environment.
  • You are looking for some adventure!

When you go camping with us, there are a host of activities that you can enjoy :

  • Stargazing, Fishing, Photography, Birdwatching
  • Learning about wildlife, Hiking, and to literally chill!

Camping is an inclusive experience. It is for :

  • Families with children or babies
  • Someone who wants to take it easy
  • Someone who lags a bit in fitness
  • Group of friends (any age)
  • People with disabilities

Our camping equipment

We have some of the best luxury tents in Himachal, which we import from Europe. The tents are reliable and comfortable. They are designed to withstand various weather conditions. This is especially important in the mountains where the weather is unpredictable. The camping equipment generally includes staples like tent, sleeping mattress, camping furniture, and other camping gear such as BBQ. We have options in most at varying rates, which you can select when you book a camping experience with us.
Read more about our camping equipment here.

Camping with kids in the Tirthan Valley

Comfortable camping equipment
Choose from our wide range of camping gear for maximum comfort

What could be done?

To literally chill
Bird watching
Learning about wildlife

Who could go?

Families with children or small babies
Someone who wants to take it easy
Someone who lags a bit in fitness
Group of friends (any age)
Differently abled/Physically challenged people

Campsites in Tirthan Valley

There are different types of campsites in Tirthan Valley and you can choose the one that excites you the most!

Riverside campsites in the Tirthan valley

Road transportation to the campsite?

You have to reach Gushaini from where you continue on foot.

Walking distance to the campsite?

Depending on the campsite you will select, 5 to 60 min

Any difficulties?

The campsite that comes first is also easier and accessible even for people with physical disabilities. The next nice campsite is around 30 minutes from Gushaini. While the trail has gentle slopes, it is manageable even if you are not in the best shape.

  • Riverside atmosphere !
  • Trout angling available.
  • In summer (May, June or even September) the riverside camps may be hot during the day (above 30 degrees).
  • We may have to share the campsite with other group(s).
  • Some of the lands are private. The owners of the land may charge some tent pitching fees (around 200 rs per tent).

If you want to try out riverside camping in Tirthan Valley, you should check this one out. There are two campsites available. You will be camping by the pristine Tirthan river. The Tirthan Valley riverside camp is a short walking distance and one of the best locations in Tirthan for camping. You can bathe in the river, try trout fishing (we can arrange for the fishing equipment), or go on a day hike. A BBQ too can be arranged here. The riverside camp in Tirthan is also good for kids.

Best Camping Equipment with Himalayan Ecotourism

With the family

An excellent choice for families and those who want to camp close to a Himalayan river.

Relax by the Tirthan river on easy camping tour

For peace of mind

Enjoy a leisurely and peaceful riverside experience.

Learn outdoor skills with Himalayan Ecotourism on easy camping tour

For large groups

A great campsite option for larger groups

Rejuvenating dip in the Tirthan river

For thrill lovers

Go swimming and cool off in the cold Tirthan river.

Offbeat easy camping experience with Himalayan Ecotourism in the Tirthan valley

For luxury camping

Experience Himalayan Ecotourism’s high-quality camping equipment.

Fun activities in the Tirthan valley

For the perfect holiday

We will definitely offer you a memorable camping experience!

High-Altitude Campsite in Jalori Pass

Road transportation to the campsite?

Jalori Pass is around a one-hour drive from Banjar. It is located at an altitude of 3150m.

Walking distance to the campsite?

There are two campsites available. The first one is a 10-min walking distance from the road and the next one is 30 minutes

Any difficulties?

The first campsite is easy to reach. With the help of our staff, it is accessible even for people with physical disabilities. The second campsite is a little further away, and while the trail has gentle slopes, it is manageable even if you are not in the best shape.

  •  Great views of the Himalayan range!
  • Cool even in the middle of summer
  • No crowd at the campsite
  • Gets very cold in case of bad weather
  • The location of the campsites is exposed to wind. In case of a storm, the experience can be quite adventurous!
  • No sources of water nearby. Our staff will carry water in jerrycans.
  • Campsite may not be available in winter in case of heavy snowfall.

If you want to enjoy camping with mountain views, we recommend the Jalori Pass hiking and camping experience.

Camping at this high-altitude campsite is as adventurous as it gets! Jalori Pass is nearly 3000m high and it can be colder, windy, and sometimes stormy.
The campsite is close to a golden oak forest and there are fantastic views of the Himalayan mountain range. You will be so close to the clouds that you can even touch them!

The campsite is cooler in summer as compared to riverside camping. There could also be some snowfall during summer. From this high perch, you can observe wildlife and birds such as vultures and eagles. You can also go on short hikes.

Great views and biodiversity on Jalori pass hike

For the views

Enjoy the gorgeous views of the Himalayan range

Kids on easy camping in the Tirthan valley

For the kids

A great opportunity for kids to learn about biodiversity.

Relaxing and Comfortable camping experience in the Tirthan valley

Relax in this secluded and serene environment.

A great campsite option for larger groups

Peaceful camping in the Tirthan Valley

For mid-size groups

An ideal spot for a group of up to 8 people

Easy camping for kids and elders in the Tirthan Valley

For families

Kids and elderly people can enjoy this experience too!

Majestic mountain view from Tirthan valley

For adventure seekers

Quench your thirst for adventure

Riverside camping in Jibhi

Road transportation to the campsite?

It is a 40-minute drive from Banjar

Walking distance to the campsite?

It is a 20-minute walk from the road head

Any difficulties?

Though it is a short distance, it is not easy because the trail has a steep slope

  • Riverside atmosphere under trees !
  • Cooler than Tirthan Valley.
  • The forest around is nice but you have a limited view as the campsite is at the bottom of a steep valley.
  • The trail to the campsite can be difficult for those who are not in the best shape.

Another riverside campsite is by a river in Jibhi if you want to explore riverside camping in Jibhi.

This campsite is perfect if you want to escape the crowds. It is one of the secluded campsites in Jibhi, which is away from the more commercial parts of the valley.

It is peaceful and you can spend time by the river with your friends and family.

Forest bathing in the Tirthan valley

For the wilderness

Savor the pristine forests and small river.

Enjoy the Tirthan river on easy camping

For the natural beauty

Soak in the beauty of nature.

Tirthan valley during Autumn

For the beautiful autumn colors

Make the most of the campsite’s beauty in autumn.

Sarchi Meadow

Road transportation to the campsite?

It is a 45-minute drive from Gushaini.

Walking distance to the campsite?

It is a 20- to 30-minute walk to the campsite.

Any difficulties?

You won’t be walking on flat ground. However, it is accessible for people with physical disabilities with the help of our staff

  • Great view of GHNP!
  • Crossing a traditional village before reaching the campsite
  • Cool air in the summer as it is located at an altitude of around 2700m
  • Large meadow with a forest
  • It has gotten popular, so you might not be the only campers. But it is large enough to find a secluded corner.
  • Might be a bit cold in case of bad weather or outside the best season

The campsite in Sarchi, a large sprawling meadow by a deodar forest, is easily accessible. Since the space is large, you can choose where to pitch the tent. Sarchi is at 2700m, so it is cool even in summer. It is a good place for forest bathing. You can go for a walk in the forest or hike to other meadows nearby. There are lots of birds here, which makes it a good spot for birdwatching.

Memorable Camping Experience in the Tirthan Valley

For the cool weather

Relax in the cool weather.

Sun bathing in the forests of Tirthan valley

For the forest

Take in the healing nature of the forest with a walk or by forest bathing.

Beautiful views of Sarchi on easy camping

For the great views

Enjoy the charming village nearby and the Himalayas in the backdrop.

Best Season for Camping in Tirthan Valley

The best season for camping in Tirthan Valley is summer (April to June) and autumn (October to November).

You can also camp in the winter months if the weather is manageable though some places like Jalori Pass may be closed because of snowfall.
However, camping during peak monsoon (July and August) is not recommended.

Camping Guidelines

We believe in responsible tourism. While we enjoy introducing people to experiences in nature, we also encourage everyone to follow eco-friendly practices when undertaking any activities run by us.
Our staff is well-trained and we follow camping guidelines and avoid damaging the environment. This includes not leaving behind litter, causing no harm to wildlife, and being careful with bonfires.

Camping FAQs

What should we pack for camping in Tirthan Valley?

Pack light. Bring essentials such as sunhats, sunscreen, and sunglasses as well as any medicines you need. Our staff will carry a First Aid kit. For clothes, layers are recommended and a jacket for rain/wind. You may start the day with a bright sun and comfortable temperature and end with hail, wind, and cold weather.

Is camping in Tirthan Valley pet-friendly?

You can bring your pet, but it can’t sleep with you in the tent. Most of our tents have a porch where a pet can sleep. Make sure you bring something for your pet to sleep on. You will also need to keep your pet on a leash and can’t let it run in the surroundings.

Do the Tirthan valley campsites include electricity, wash tents, etc.?

We don’t have electricity at the campsites, but, on request, we can provide portable solar panels for charging your smartphone. You usually don’t take a bath while camping. Again, on request, we can arrange a wash tent

Are the camping packages (without treks/hikes) for one night only?

You need permission only if you camp in a protected area, that is, inside the boundaries of the GHNP. The campsites we have listed here are outside GHNP.

Do we need permission for camping?

Yes, the camping package is for 1N/2D with activities. But we can plan it for longer based on your requirements.

Is the cost per tent for camping on private land included in the camping cost?

We may need to camp on private land only if required. The fee is not included in the camping cost.

Do you offer luxury camping in Tirthan Valley and what does it include?

We do glamping in Tirthan Valley but it is still a camping experience. We enhance your comfort to the maximum with quality equipment, food, and staff.

Is camping available throughout the year?

Camping is an adventure. The weather in the mountains is difficult to predict. Risk of injuries is always higher in the wild as compared to staying at home. However, the wildlife does not pose a risk.

Is camping in the wilderness safe in terms of weather and physical safety?

Yes, but it is better to do it during the good season, of course. We recommend summer, autumn, and winter when the snowfall is not too heavy.

More photos of camping

Peaceful camping in the Tirthan Valley

A peaceful site

Refreshing, green and easy to reach

Easy day hike to Chehni Kothi for kids

With young kids

We ensure the kids and parents spend a memorable time together in the wilderness

Bonfire on camping with Himalayan Ecotourism


Protected from the wind and with enough wood to keep you warm, you will enjoy the bonfire

BBQ Dinner in the Tirthan Valley with Himalayan Ecotourism

Perfect BBQ

We can prepare almost anything you want while camping. Here we are cooking trout fish and paneer on a BBQ grill

Camping Adventure with friends in the Tirthan Valley

Come with friends

Spend a memorable time with friends

Peaceful atmosphere at Camping in the Tirthan Valley

Easy access

Easily accessible sites are great for first time campers

Learn outdoor skills with Himalayan Ecotourism on easy camping tour

For large group

We have campsite suggestions to suit both small and large groups

Easy trek in the Tirthan valley

Close to roadhead

The campsites are close to the roadhead yet away from the hustle and bustle

Easy hiking in the Tirthan valley

Unique experience for kids

Kids will love the beautiful natural environment and discovering camping experiences

Camping in the wild near Jalori pass with Himalayan Ecotourism

Best comfort

Camping can be adventurous and comfortable at the same time

Group Camping with Himalayan Ecotourism

Reflect upon yourself

Disconnect from the busy daily life and take a moment to reflect on yourself

Pitching up the tent at Rolla

Weather proof equipment

Our equipment can handle the craziest of storms and weather to allow you a peaceful sleep

Yoga in the Tirthan valley

Yoga in the wild

You may engage in yoga by yourself or ask us to include a instructor in your package

Foraging fruits in the Tirthan Valley

Nature’s bounty

You can go foraging fruits and other edibles in the forest

Stargazing in the Tirthan Valley


After dinner, simply lie on your mattress to lose yourself in the milkyway

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