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Sturdy 4 season trekking tents by Himalayan Ecotourism

Camping equipment for treks and tours

Camping equipment for your trek and tour

Know about your equipment !

Himalayan Ecotourism provides all the camping equipment that you need for a safe, hygienic and comfortable stay in the wilderness. And that makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE for any outdoor activities!

We import most of our equipment from a European company known for the quality and reliability of its outdoor gear products.
It is important to mention that unlike many other operators all our gears are double-checked, cleaned and repacked completely fresh after each trek/tour. You will feel like using your own gear.
We are unmatched in this part of the Himalayas. Be sure to have the best for your safety and comfort.

Another great feature of Himalayan Ecotourism : you have a large choice of equipment for your trek / camping. From your tent to the outdoor BBQ and many other useful camping gears, you have dozens of options to make your outdoor experience as per your expectations and budget.

For those who have a too limited budget, we offer a budget plan as well. In that case the equipment is not from Himalayan Ecotourism, but arranged locally by your guide. This is what is offered by most of the other trekking operators in the area. We definitely recommend you to opt for our equipment.

We have two ranges of equipment : trekking equipment (carried by men) and touring equipment (carried on a vehicle). Although performance and comfort are always the first parameters we take into condideration, we have selected our trekking equipment with a focus on lightness and resilience to harsh mountain conditions, while our touring equipment has been chosen for maximizing the luxury of your camps.
For those who are camping only, you can select your equipment from either trekking or touring categories.

Select your tent

For your nights you will have two options : Tunnel-shaped trekking tent (non standing-height) or our very comfortable camping tent (standing-height).
Most of our trekkers will select the first option as it is more convenient for the trek logistic and these tents are most suitable for high altitude weather.
Nothing prevent you to prefer the luxury of having standing-height tents for your trek. But be aware that we may have to arrange an extra porter as it is much heavier.
For those who are doing the “Easy camping in the wild”, go for the standing-height tents !

About Our tunnel-shaped trekking tents :

  • There are roomy 4-season tunnel-shaped tents, resistant to harsh mountain conditions.
  • Two rooms. One room for your sleep and one large porch for keeping your gears.
  • For your convenience the tents designed for 2 persons are given to a single person, the tents for 3 persons given for 2 persons only and so on. In this way we are sure you will have enough space inside.
  • The tents available for treks are : single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy.
Select your tent
Ref. Description of item
T-T Our classic tunnel-shaped trekking tents or the conical tent. Models for 1, 2, 3 & 4 person.
T-R-D The flysheet of our conical tent used as a shelter for your dinners, if required. Up to 6 person.
T-S-H Our standing-height tents. Up to four person. Primarily for camping but also available for trek.
T-TP Our large Tipi tent for large group. Dinner for 20 and night for up to 12 person.
1, 2 and 3 person camping tent by Himalayan Ecotourism

1, 2 and 3 person tents

Our classic sturdy tunnel tent with a large porch in 3 different sizes

4 person camping tent by Himalayan Ecotourism

4 person tent

Our larger trekking tent with 2 large rooms and a spacious living area

Conical camping tent by Himalayan Ecotourism

Our conical tent

Almost standing-height, for up to 4 persons, high winds and snow resistant

Standing height camping tent by Himalayan Ecotourism

Our standing height tent

Ideal for a family of four. A large room to sleep and a room to have your meals in case of bad weather

Large tipi camping tent by Himalayan Ecotourism

Our large tipi tent

For large groups only. It can shelter up to 12 persons for sleeping or 20 people as a dining tent

Select your sleeping bag

A good sleep is the first condition for a good trek or camping experience.

The sleeping bag is one of the most important item of your gears and it is also the most personal.
It must keep you warm enough, it must be comfortable in size and shape and it must be clean and hygienic.
You can count on us for giving you the best in regards to these three factors : warmth, comfort and hygiene.

Features of our sleeping bags :

  • You have a choice of 2, 3 or 4-season sleeping bags. You will be nor too cold neither too hot !
  •   We have imported quality rectangle-shaped sleeping bags in which you have freedom of movement. Only the goose down sleeping bags are mummy-shaped (for performance reasons), but they still feature great comfort.
  • Don’t fear having smelly or dirty sleeping bags, that doesn’t happen with us. For your protection we provide an inner linen which is cleaned after each trek. In this way you are entering fresh linen as if you were at the hotel. Note that the linen will keep you even warmer. When cold conditions are expected we give you linen in fleece.
  • A small detail that makes a big difference : our small but comfortable pillow. You won’t wake up with a neck pain ! Note that some of our mats have an integrated pillow.

Ask our advice for the selection of your sleeping bag. We will recommend you the best according to the season and the altitude of the activity.

Select your sleeping bag
Ref. Description of item
SB-2 Our 2-season sleeping bag. Synthetic filling. Rectangular.
SB-3 Our 3-season sleeping bag. Synthetic filling. Rectangular..
SB-4 Our 4-season sleeping bag. Goose down filling. Mummy-shaped.
2 season sleeping bag by Himalayan Ecotourism

Our 2-season sleeping bag

This is good for trek/camping below 3000m in summertime

3 season sleeping bag by Himalayan Ecotourism

Our 3-season sleeping bag

From May to June and September to October, below 3500m

4 season down sleeping bag by Himalayan Ecotourism

Our 3-season sleeping bag

An excellent goose down sleeping bag for the coldest conditions

Sleeping bag hygiene liner and soft pillow by Himalayan Ecotourism

The inner linen and pillow

Whatever will be your sleeping bag, you will have a liner and a pillow

Select your mattress

Another very important item of your equipment list, the mattress.

There is no compromise on the camping mattress. Whatever the terrain (stony!) at your camp sites you need to have a good sleep and wake up with no backache.

We offer 4 different kind of mats :

  • Our folding EVA mats offer basic comforts and good insulation from the ground !
  • Our HET 3-star mats provide good comfort and insulation. We manufacture these two-layered mattresses : one hard side to flatten the mattress and one soft side for your comfort.
  • Our HET 4-star mats provide excellent comfort and insulation. We manufacture these two-layered mattresses : one hard side to flatten the mattress and one super spongy side for your comfort.
  • Our HET 5-star mats are the most comfortable as you almost feel like on your own bed. We manufacture these four-layered mats to optimize your comfort on any terrain. Mostly used for the “Easy camping in the wild” activity, you can also request it for your trek. We may add extra porters as they are quite bulky.
Select your mattress
Ref. Description of item
M-1-S Our folding EVA mat for basic comfort.
M-3-S Our HET 3-star mat. A 2 layers standard mat.
M-4-S Our HET 4-star mat. A 2 layers thicker mat.
M-5-S Our HET 5-star mat. A 4 layers luxury mat.
Folding EVA mat by Himalayan Ecotourism

The folding EVA mat

Offer basic comfort for normal trekking conditions

4-star camping mat of Himalayan Ecotourism

The HET 3-star and 4-star mats

A very good mat for a good sleep. The 4-star is similar but has a better soft side. Go for it !

5-star camping mat of Himalayan Ecotourism

The HET luxury mat

As if you were sleeping on a comfortable bed

Camping furnitures

These are optional but can definitely add a great comfort to your camp or trek.

If you are going for trek, we recommend you to take at least a stool, as proper ground to sit are not always available.
If your are doing the “Easy camping in the wild” activity, feel free to take whatever you wish !

Select your camping furniture
Ref. Description of item
C-ST Our stools are quite small but very convenient in the wild.
C-CH Our camping chair are very cool and offers back support.
C-T-S Our soft-top tables come nicely with the stool to have your dinner in the wild in a more comfortable way !
C-T-H Our hard-top tables are a must for those looking best comfort during camping.
Camping stool soft by Himalayan Ecotourism

Camping stool

Small, light and solid. The best choice for trek.

Camping chair soft by Himalayan Ecotourism

Camping chair

Want to rest your back ? Enjoy the wild in a resting position.

Soft-top table by Himalayan Ecotourism

Soft-top table

Keep your food away from the ground.

Hard-top table by Himalayan Ecotourism

Hard-top table

Larger, higher and a solid flat top. Ideal for camping activity.

Other camping gadgets

Why not add to the fun ?

At Himalayan Ecotourism, we like to offer you a awesome outdoor experience.
And so, with us, you can add virtually everything you want for your specific needs.

You are a first-time trekker ? You are coming with your children ? You are going for a long trek in harsh conditions ? Or simply you wish to enjoy “glamping” in the wild ?

Select your other camping gears
Ref. Description of item
C-L-P A waterproof light which can turn into a powerbank.
C-L-H A headlight for easy move during the night.
M-10 A 10X monocular to observe anything closer in the Himalayan nature !
M-40 A powerful scope with upto 40x magnification and with a tripod.
S-P A solar charger to charge up to 2 USB devices in the same time.
BBQ A outdoor BBQ to prepare your favorite delicacy.
C-SH A Camp shower to get yourself refreshed or simply to play with the kids.
H-W-B Hot water bottles to get the extra warmth when you need.
W-P A walking pole to feel more safe on difficult terrain.
B-C A baby carrier to take your kids with you.
L-B A personal water filter. Fill the bottle in and sip safe water.
Torch cum power bank by Himalayan Ecotourism

Waterproof light

It can turn into a powerbank ! Great for an emergency call when all batteries are down.

Head-light for night by Himalayan Ecotourism


Move with light in the night while keeping your two hands free !

10x magnification monocular by Himalayan Ecotourism

10X monocular

This is great to watch anything closer : wildlife, the way ahead, a mountain or even the moon.

Powerful scope by Himalayan Ecotourism

Powerful scope

Ideal for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. Light and handy, with a small tripod.

Portable Solar charger by Himalayan Ecotourism

Solar charger

This 20W solar charger will charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. Through USB cable only !

Outdoor BBQ by Himalayan Ecotourism

Outdoor BBQ

Do you want to enjoy a BBQ during your camp ? Possible with Himalayan Ecotourism.

Portable Camp shower by Himalayan Ecotourism

Camp shower

The day is hot ? You smell ? We can make you happy with a nice outdoor shower !

Hot water bottles by Himalayan Ecotourism

Hot water bottles

Wanna be warmed up inside your tent ? This is a great addition to your gears 🙂

Hiking poles by Himalayan Ecotourism

Walking pole

Keep your food away from the ground.

Baby carrier by Himalayan Ecotourism

Baby carrier

A rucksack to carry your kids up to 20 kg.

Portable water filter bottle by Himalayan Ecotourism

Water filter

Be 100% sure about the water you drink on a trek.

Our safari equipment

Ladakh Bike tour camping set up by Himalayan Ecotourism

On a bike tour

On tour to Lahaul & Spiti. You will never forget our hospitality.

Ladakh Bike tour camping set up by Himalayan Ecotourism

On a bike tour

On tour to Ladakh we use our own equipment to camp in the wild wherever you want.

Tent set up on safari tour by Himalayan Ecotourism

Touring equipment

Be sure to have a good night with our touring equipment.

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