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Women Special Trek in the Great Himalayan National Park with Himalayan Ecotourism

Women trek in Himachal Pradesh

Women-led trek in Tirthan Valley

Upcoming women special treks

Himalayan Ecotourism's trek staff by the Tirthan river
Women Tour in the Tirthan valley

Embark on a women tour led by the local women of the Tirthan valley

Himalayan Ecotourism is introducing a Women Special Trek in the GHNP for the upcoming season!

These unique treks will be led by local women from the Tirthan Valley. Women Special Treks are operational from April to June and Oct to Nov.

Rolla Trek offers an ideal introduction to trekking, perfect for beginners and those short on time. Starting from Gushaini, it’s a leisurely hike along the Tirthan River to reach Rolla, with the option to extend your journey to Shilt hut or Chalocha.

You start from Ropa village. Hike through a village and then in the wilderness where you stop for lunch with snowy peaks in view. Pass through the park gate, encountering Nanni’s wood house.

Trek to Rolla, enjoy flora and spot wildlife. Set up camp by the riverside and relax. Next day wake up by the Tirthan river, enjoy breakfast, and pack up. Descend back to Ropa village and conclude with tea and snacks.

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Women-led trek – An empowering experience

Embark on a trek along with your dearest girlfriends through the breathtaking great Himalayan National Park led by the local woman of the Tirthan Valley.

Why Women Special Trek?

  • We train local women to become trek guides, empowering them with leadership skills and opportunities.
  • We foster community involvement and support local economies.
  • Deeper connection to the culture and environment of the Tirthan Valley.
  • Role models for other women, inspiring them to pursue male-dominated fields like trekking.
  • Promotes sustainability by employing and supporting the local community
  • Challenge and break stereotypes by showcasing the capabilities of local women
  • Opportunity for busy women to prioritize self-care and empowerment
  • Challenges on the trail make you stronger and confident
  • Our guides are experts in nature and trained professionally to ensure an unforgettable and safe experience.
  • Broaden perspectives and inspire positive change.
  • Women of all ages, including those with children, are encouraged to join, as we ensure a comfortable experience for everyone.
Women Special Trek in the Great Himalayan National Park with Himalayan Ecotourism

Women trek
On the way to Great Himalayan National Park Gate

Women’s trek leadership program

Women Trek Leadership Program with Himalayan Ecotourism

Women Trek Leadership Program
Skill-based Training by Nandini Sharma, Outdoor Educator

A trek leadership program for women guides, is conducted by  Nandini Sharma (Mountaineer & outdoor educator) to impart practical expertise in terms of trek leadership. Leadership lessons, ‘Leave No Trace’ practices along the trails are imparted. The management aspects, equipment, first aid, camping skills, wilderness leadership and backpacking lessons are part of the programme.

A 2-day trek to Rolla campsite, GHNP is conducted to gain some on-ground knowledge. The entire trek is managed by an all women staff, from carrying bags with camping equipment and ration, to setting up tents and the kitchen. 

Building on the success of our past treks, we’re excited to organize more empowering adventures in the Great Himalayan National Park.

Reach out to us today to start your uplifting journey and let our experienced team assist you every step of the way. For transport and accommodation assistance, Contact +91 9769244017

Video about our women empowerment program

Women Empowerment
Women on trek & Education in Tirthan Valley

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