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Pangong Tso, Ladakh

Ladakh Info

Ladakh – The land of high passes

Ladakh: little Tibet in India

Ladakh literally means ‘Land of high passes’. However, it is more popularly and affectionately known as ‘Little Tibet in India’. Vast landscapes, spirituality, grandeur, hospitality sums up Ladakh. Ladakh consumes you with its breathtaking serenity and a quiet sense of peace. Despite this, the military presence here reminds us that we are on a strategic land disputed by India, China and Pakistan.

In the North, the Nubra valley lies resplendent, irrigated by the waters from the Karakoram glaciers. The sediments of the largest continental glaciers of the world have formed sand dunes which camels call home.

In East Ladakh, the narrow valleys open up and spread out as mountain lakes turn into flooded plains at over 4500 meters. You will be amazed by the majestic beauty of Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri and Tso Kar.

In the South and the West, the chain of Zanskar, one of the largest mountain chains with peaks reaching above 6000 m, will reveal all the secrets of the Himalayan geology before your eyes and introduce you to many flora and fauna species in the region.

Map of Ladakh

Ladakh, India map. With main roads, trek routes and places to see

Map of Ladakh - India

How to reach Ladakh ?

Manali to Leh Road

Manali to Leh road
Entering Ladakh and Zanskar region near Sarchu.

Ladakh by road

It is important to consider the best way to acclimatize to the high altitudes while planning your Ladakh trip. We highly recommend reaching Ladakh by road since it allows you to gradually acclimatize as well as immerse deeply into Ladakh’s unique culture and landscape. 


As Ladakh is culturally so much different from the rest of India, we advise people to reach Ladakh by road.  We recommend you to spend a night at Manali, then a second night at or near Keylong (Jispa). From Keylong you can then reach Leh in one day. It is a long drive of almost 10 hours. If you wish to enjoy the landscape of the Manali to Leh road, you could spend one more night between Keylong and Ladakh. The two options for a third night before Ladakh are Sarchu and Pang. Both these places are above 4200 m. So, you may experience slight symptoms of altitude sickness during the night. Actually, if time permits, we advise you to spend two nights at Jispa before spending a night at Sarchu or Pang.

This way, it takes over three to four days for you to cross the entire Himalayan range and enough time to absorb the difference of culture, landscape and ecosystem and have a real experience of travel as you emphasize on the journey of discovering the ultimate Tibetan culture and landscape.

Ladakh by air

There are daily flights available from Delhi to Leh, but it would not be an ideal option for adjusting to the high altitudes and you are required to acclimatize which takes a minimum of two days of rest in your hotel/homestay in Leh.

When you choose to reach Ladakh by air, you are just transported directly to a completely different culture and landscape which is a very tourist-y experience and does not let you immerse yourself in the journey of discovering the changing of culture and landscapes. 

Which is why, we recommend our guests to reach Ladakh by road and return back home by flight for an immersive and comfortable experience.

Do you want to go to Leh by road in the best and safest way ? Enquire now !

Ladakh weather

During the summer season in Ladakh, it gets hot during the day time especially in the month of August. Hence, as there is no vegetation in Ladakh, trekking in the month of August, may involve long walking hours under scorching sun. To avoid this, you can start your trek early in the morning to reach your day destination by lunch time. Nevertheless, many of our treks happen at the bottom of the valley, riverside, where there are trees along the river to provide you ample shade to rest during the day. During summers, since evenings are pleasant we recommend guests to take strolls in nearby local villages and markets. Ladakh has a continental climate, during summers the temperature may even exceed thirty degrees. During winters, Ladakh drops minus thirty degrees, in remote villages at higher altitudes it goes even below forty degrees. 


Please note, despite Ladakh being protected by the monsoons, there are chances of cloudy weather and even rains. On rare occasions, these rains could lead to a flood-like situation similar to what happened in the year 2010. Unpredictable weather conditions can add days to your journey. It is always advisable to keep one or two days free in case you are stuck somewhere because of an unexpected event.

Enquire now !

Ladakh landscape with clear skies

The beautiful skies on a clear day
Summer is the best time to trek in Ladakh. Some treks open later due to weather conditions

Best time to go Ladakh

As a consequence of global warming and climate change, the best time to go to Ladakh is longer than before. Earlier, it was June to September since the rest of the year was considered too cold. Also, the passes to reach Ladakh were closed for a longer duration. Now, things have changed, the passes to reach Ladakh open early as the passes open in early may and Ladakh remains accessible till end of October. Earlier, we used to advise guests to visit only from June to September, now we confidently advise guests to plan to reach Ladakh as early as April. Ladakh during the spring season is a delightful sight, apricot trees are blooming and it is wonderful to go through remote local villages, fields and orchards during the spring season. 

September to October is yet another best time to visit Ladakh as there is a relatively lesser crowd and the weather is pleasant as well. 

For a bike trip to Ladakh, the best time to reach Ladakh depends on the opening of passes. You can confidently plan your bike trip to Ladakh as early from the month of May till the end of October. Please be careful of traveling by bike during early and late of the season, we advise you to regularly check weather updates of any possible snowfall happening in the valley. This will help you avoid getting stuck because of heavy snowfall. We advise guests to travel with us, since we provide a backup vehicle along with our bikers in case of such emergencies. Food, water and oxygen are available in our backup vehicle along with our support team in times of unforeseen circumstances for your safety. 

Traveling to Ladakh during winter season would be ideal for doing the iconic Chadar trek and for spotting snow leopards since snow leopards being predators come to a relatively lower altitudes for hunting of local animals. Best time to visit Ladakh for spotting wildlife would be January and February. Contrary to popular belief, accessibility remains good in Ladakh. Roads are well maintained. Khardung La pass which takes you to Nubra valley, is considered to be a strategic pass which is why it is being cleared regularly from the snow even during peak winter season for the smooth movement of troops and military vehicles. Khardung la pass is kept open even under heavy snowfall.












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Best time to go



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Transport during Ladakh trip

On a road trip to Ladakh

By road to Ladakh
Our riders on the way to Ladakh

Planning a Ladakh adventure? Discover the best modes of transportation for your Ladakh journey!

Ladakh is vast ! And the roads are not always in good conditions because of the harsh environment.
So to visit most of the places you will need to move with a good vehicle that we provide.
Himalayan Ecotourism offers you two options.

Ladakh in a private vehicle

Travel with our team in a private jeep/minibus. Our Ladakhi drivers and guides will take you safely on the roads of Ladakh. Having your guide with you in the vehicle is a big advantage as he can tell you all the facts and stories of the different places on the way.
Prefer traveling in a private vehicle for your safety and comfort !

Ladakh on a motorcycle

You travel Ladakh on a motobike (Royal Enfield).
We will provide the best bikes available and you will be going with our team that follows you in a backup jeep.
In the team you have the jeep driver, your guide and a mechanic to help if you have any problem on the way.
You will have to drive carefully as the roads can be dangerous, especially on the high passes.
Biking experience required !

We organize tours in Ladakh for many years. Trust our experience : Enquire now !

Where to stay in Ladakh?

It is very important to note that most properties in Ladakh remain open only from the month of June to September. And since the pandemic, Ladakh is suffering from mass tourism, especially in Leh due to which it might get hard for you to get confirmed reservations. We recommend you to travel with us, since we will make sure to book confirmed reservations for you. And since the remaining months, most properties being closed, only homestays remain open which are usually not available on any online sites. It would be wise for you to plan your Ladakh trip with us, since we maintain good relations with the local people of Ladakh and we will surely get you confirmed reservations in your preferred homestay for an authentic experience. 


In some cases we also offer that you go in the wilderness with our team of mountain experts who will set up the camp on the way, with you, wherever you feel like having a night stop !
Don’t worry, we provide the best camping equipment for safe and comfortable stay in the wilderness of Ladakh.

When you are on a trek, you will either have the option of staying in a homestay or camping. The camping equipment is carried by mules.

Let’s know your preferences, we will make it for you.

Enquire now !

Traditional guest house in Ladakh

A traditional guesthouse in Ladakh
Some of the guesthouses are the best choice for comfort and experience

Festivals of Ladakh

Phyang Tsedup Festival of Ladakh

Festival celebrations at a monastery in Ladakh
We can curate a Ladakh experience for you where you can enjoy a festival.

In the mystical land of Ladakh, festivity takes on a whole new meaning, as its people infuse their celebrations with a unique blend of tradition and cultural richness. As in any other region, Ladakh’s festivals are a testament to their distinct way of life. From the joyous Tibetan New Year to the exuberant onset of harvest season and the breathtaking flowering period, Ladakhis revel in these occasions with unparalleled zeal and fervor.

One cannot help but be captivated by the vibrant tapestry of Ladakh’s culture and heritage, which finds its most splendid expression in the monastic festivals held within the serene confines of Buddhist monasteries scattered throughout the region. These festivals are not mere events; they are grand showcases of Ladakh’s deep-rooted traditions, complete with colorful processions, mesmerizing masked dances, and melodious chants. As you immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of the traditional drums and the intricate performances of the masked Lamas, you’ll feel the very essence of Ladakh coming to life.

These celebrations are not just about rituals; they are a vibrant affirmation of life itself in the heart of this majestic valley. Ladakh’s festivals, much like its landscapes, are a treasure trove waiting to be explored and experienced. So, if you’re seeking an authentic Ladakhi experience, make sure to time your visit to coincide with one of these magnificent celebrations that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Read more about festivals of Ladakh

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