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on the road in the Himalayas

Motorcycling in the Himalayas

Motorcycling safari in the green Himalayas

On the road but in an ecotourism fashion

When one hears about Himachal Pradesh one will think Manali, Shimla and perhaps Dharamshala.
When we talk about Himachal Pradesh we talk about the Green Himalayas !

Perhaps tourist hubs like Manali will be an inevitable step in the program that we will prepare for you. But we are definitively going to take you off the beaten track.
We avoid the crowd and discretly takes you to unknown corner of the Green Himalayas.

This is where you will discover amazing & very scenic roads, beautiful & traditional villages, a preserved lifestyle forged by the Himalayas.

You have a choice of jeep or bike for you trip.
According to the number of days that you can afford and the kind of experience that you wish to have we will customize your tour. You just have to tell us if you want your tour on the adventure side or rather in the relaxing side.
We will do the rest.

For your stay you will have a choice of camps, homestays or more comfortable guest houses.

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