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Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking in the Himalayas

Himachal Pradesh, popularly known as Dev Bhoomi- translated as ‘The Abode of Gods’, is one of the most beautiful states in India. Situated in the Western Himalayas, the whole of Himachal Pradesh offers beautiful landscapes with mountains, rivers and lakes.

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

The state offers numerous bustling cities including Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Kasol and more, while many off-beat destinations are yet to be explored.
Himachal Pradesh is a haven for adventurous people for trekking, camping, hiking, bouldering and snow activities. Tourists and trekkers from all over the world come to our beautiful mountains all year long.
These treks can range anywhere between 2-10 days and sometimes are seasonal.

Details of the famous treks are given below.

Treks in the Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park treks with Himalayan Ecotourism

Trek in a World Heritage site by the UNESCO.

The Great Himalayan National Park is indisputably the number 1 in the list of treks in Himachal Pradesh. One of the most recent National Park in India, it is the shelter of countless species of birds, mammals, trees, shrubs, amphibians etc. But it is also an important habitat for some very rare and sometimes threatened species. Among these we must to note the glorious Western Tragopan and the elusive Snow Leopard.

Besides the richness of its biodiversity, the park is unique for two more reasons. There is no any kind of facilities inside the national park, hence you are in the realm of nature without any artifice. And being free of any human interventions for more than 20 years, the landscapes inside the park are pristine and of sheer beauty.

Since the GHNP is a protected area, one needs a permit to go and trek. Don’t worry we will take care of this for you.

The treks in the GHNP range from 2 days (easy) to up to 10 days (challenging). Some of the most popular trek destinations include Rolla, Shilt Hut, Rakhundi, Tirth, Marahni and Raktisar. Ask for advice we will be glad to help and organize your trek in the GHNP.
Click here for more information about the treks in the GHNP.

Pin Parvati trek

Considered one of the most difficult treks in Himachal Pradesh, Pin Parvati Trek is only for the experienced trekkers and physically active adventurers. This scenic trek takes you from the mesmerizing Parvati valley in Kullu towards Pin Valley of Spiti in about 11-6 weeks. You reach an altitude of over 5300m metres on this 110km long trek.

Itinerary: Reach Manali on Day-1 -> Drive to Barsheni and trek to Kalga (1 hour) on Day-2 -> Trek to Kheerganga (5 hours) on Day-3 -> Trek to Tunda bhuj (6 hours) on Day-4 -> Trek to Thakur Kuan (5 hours) on Day-5 -> Trek to Odi Thatch (4 hours) on Day-6 -> Trek to Mantalai Lake (6 hours) on Day-7 -> Trek to base camp in Parvati Valley (6 hours) on Day-8 -> Trek to base camp in Pin Valley (7 hours) on Day-9 -> Trek to Mud (6 hours) on Day-10 -> Drive to Manali via Kaza (12 hours) on Day-11

The trek takes you through hot springs, green forests, meadows, rivers and streams, snow capped peaks and through some high peaks. The itinerary can be slowed down based on your requirements. It is advised that you go with a team of experienced guides as there are sections with tricky and risky trails in the summer months of July to September. The route is covered in snow the remaining parts of the year. As the temperatures at night get quite cold, mostly in negative degrees, you should carry warm clothes, including gloves and masks.
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Landscapes on Pin Parvati Trek

From the Green Himalayas to the high desert of Spiti.

Friendship peak trek

Friendship Peak trek near Manali - view from top

A real Himalayan adventure near Manali.

Friendship peak in Kullu district is in the majestic Pir Panjal range at a height of 5289m above sea level. This trek is considerably different as you directly ascend to the summit and descend back, unlike the others which take you through the meadows, lakes and more. It takes about 8-10 days, depending on your comfort and stamina, covering a distance of 34km.

It is considered moderate – hard in difficulty, while giving you the views of Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Indrasen, Dhauladhar range. Like most treks, the summer months of May- September make it the best time for Friendship Peak trek.
We have curated a slow, easy itinerary for you, and we suggest you go with guides if you are a new trekker in the region.

Itinerary: Reach Manali on Day-1 -> Drive to Solang Valley and trek to Bakerthatch (5 hours) on Day-2 -> Trek to Beas Kund base camp (5 hours) on Day-3 -> Training, rest on Day-4 -> Trek to Advance Camp (4 hours) on Day-5 -> Trek to the summit (12 hours) on Day-6 -> Buffer day on Day-7 -> Trek to Bakerthatch (8 hours) on Day-8 -> Drive to Manali from Solang Valley (12 hours) on Day-9

Beas Kund trek

Beas Kund Trek is your ultimate fairytale trek with lush meadows while you pluck apples and strawberries along the way. This easy, short trek of 3-4 days takes you to Beas Kund – a high altitude alpine lake in the Kullu valley at 3700km. Considered a holy lake, it is believed to be where Sage Vyas, Author of Mahabharata, bathed and meditated. It is the perfect break for you from the hustle with views of peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Seven Sister and Friendship Peak.

Over the 30km of this trek, the trekkers even cross the glorious Beas Kund Glacier. Itinerary: Reach Manali on Day-1 -> Drive to Dhundi in Solang Valley and trek to Bakerthatch (6 hours) on Day-2 -> Trek to Beas Kund base camp (5 hours) on Day-3 -> Trek back to Bakerthatch (5 hours) on Day-4 As it is not a lot of height, this trail can be trekked from June to almost till the mid of October. It is also the best choice if you are travelling with your family or are a new trekker!

Landscapes on Beas Kund Trek near Manali

A good introduction to the higher mountain terrain from Manali

Triund trek

Triund Trek from Dharamshala - view from top

A very famous trek from Dharamshala.

One of the most popular treks in the Himalayas, Triund trek is easy and the ideal weekend trek for your weekend from Delhi. At an altitude of 2800m, it offers you the views of the picturesque Kangra Valley and snow capped Dhauladhar range. A short trek of about 11km, it can easily be covered in a day, however, for beginners and for a comfortable experience, you can camp at the peak for a night. This also allows you to watch the sunset and sunrise from the summit, which are to die for!

Given the lower altitude, this trek is open from March to December, however, we suggest you avoid the monsoon months of July and August. The starting point of this trek has easy access from Dharamshala and McleodGanj, and takes you through old, dense oak, pine and coniferous forests, and is considered best for birdwatching. Itinerary: Dharamkot to Triund (5 hours) on Day-1 -> Triund to Dharamkot (3 hours) on Day-2

Kheerganga trek

Kheerganga is a well-known trek in both Hippie and Indian cultural communities. Located in the Parvati Valley, this trek takes you through the valley to Parvati Kund – a holy hot water spring near the summit. You trek to an altitude of almost 2900m from the base camp in Barshaini, near Kasol. It is considered an easy trek with a 12km trail, and usually completed over 2 days.

You see a wide range of cultures merging on this trek, ranging from fun trekkers, hippies, religious trekkers, making the top a melting pot of diversity. The sunset and sunrise you see on the top of the summit is breathtaking, while you can enjoy a hot plate of spicy maggi!

Itinerary: Drive to Barshaini from Kasol and trek to Kheerganga top (10 hours) on Day-1 -> Back to base camp (6 hours) on Day-2

Hot water spring on Kheerganga Trek near Kasol

Reach and enjoy the hot water spring of Kheerganga in the middle of the mountains

Bhrigu Lake trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek near Manali- view from top

A short but very impressive trek near Manali.

At 4290m above sea level, Bhrigu Lake is a mesmerizing high altitude alpine lake. The trek to Bhrigu lake is the most beautiful grassland trek in the Western Himalayas. Enjoy the views of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges on this 25km trek over 4 days. Considered moderate in difficulty, this is best done from July to September. With wildflowers, thriving birds and lush green meadows, you are all set to be spellbound during the trek.

It is also a religious and a holy place as Maharishi Bhrigu meditated by the lake. We request you to take note of the beliefs and practices of the locals in the area and respect the same. Kindly do not litter near the lake.

Itinerary: Reach Manali on Day-1 -> Drive to Gulaba and trek to Gulaba Meadow camp (3 hours) on Day-2 -> Trek to Rola Kholi (3 hours) on Day-3 -> Trek to Bhrigu Lake (4 hours) and back (3 hours) on Day-4 -> Trek back to Gulaba and drive to Manali.

Sar Pass trek

Sar Pass, unlike the name indicates, is a ridge crossing. While you trek through dense Rhododendron forests, meadows and snow mountains over 6 days reaching a height of 4200m, this trek covers various landscapes and is perfect for photography.

It is a good choice for a beginner with little trekking experience. The trail runs over 48km starting and ending at Kasol base camp or Barshaini base camp. It is best done in summer or autumn from April – Mid October; while we suggest you avoid the monsoon months.

Itinerary: Reach Kasol on Day-1 -> Trek to Grahan village (5 hours) on Day-2 -> Trek to Mung Thach (5 hours) on Day-3 -> Trek to Naguru (6 hours) on Day-4 -> Trek to Biskeri Thach (8 hours) on Day-5 -> Trek to Barshaini (4 hours), drive to Kasol on Day-6.

Sar Pass Trek from Kasol - view from top

A high altitude trek, yet available for normal trekkers

Hampta pass trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek near Manali- view from top

Easier than the Pin Parvati, the pass takes you to the Lahaul region.

At an altitude of 4270m, Hampta Pass is a dramatic corridor between Kullu Valley and Lahaul’s Chandra Valley. Usually considered an easy to moderate level of difficulty, this trek in the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas offers everything you want! The snow capped mountain views, hiking on rocky terrain away from any human civilization, crossing forests of old Deodar trees through clouds and sunlight passing through the leaves, giving your eyes a spectacular view of lush meadows with rivers and wildlife.

Hampta pass trek is one of the few which lets the trekkers enjoy contrasting landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, from the thriving green life of meadows and rivers in Kullu to the cold desert of Spiti. It is a beginner’s trek, usually taking about 4-5 days to complete. The months of June, July, August and September are the best for this trek with comfortable temperatures, however, if you wish to enjoy the snowfall, May and October are suitable too, post which it becomes inaccessible.

The best way to reach the base camp is to fly to Delhi and take a bus or drive via road to Manali. This would take you about 12 hours depending on the weather conditions. The campsite of Hampta Pass trek is about 20km from Manali which can be covered on the Day-1 of your trek. Make sure to pack light, do include warm clothes, rain gear and a pair of good shoes for your trek!

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