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Lamayuru to Chilling trek – Zanskar

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Number of days

4 to 5


Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Max altitude

4907 m


Moderate to difficult

A fabulous itinerary that avoids the new road

Embark on a journey through the untouched beauty of Zanskar with Himalayan Ecotourism’s alternative trek from Lamayuru to Chilling. Unlike the classic route now intersected by a road, our itinerary offers a pristine experience, weaving through picturesque landscapes and cultural encounters.

Traverse three captivating passes – Prinkiti La, Kongze La, and Dung Dung La – each unveiling breathtaking vistas of the Zanskar range. Marvel at the surreal rock formations that define the Zanskar mountainscape, immersing yourself in the natural wonders of the region.

Experience the warmth of local hospitality as you stay in traditional homestays, gaining insights into the lifestyle and traditions of the Zanskari people. For those seeking an extended adventure, our trek seamlessly connects with the renowned Markha valley, providing a seamless continuation of exploration.

Additionally, for those craving further exploration, optional extensions to villages like Tar and Mangyu are available, offering a deeper dive into the cultural tapestry of the Indus valley.

Embark on this unforgettable journey, where every step unveils a new facet of Zanskar’s untamed beauty and rich heritage.

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Lamayuru to Chilling trek features

Duration of your trek

Day-min : The minimum number of days required for the trek (from Leh to Leh)
Day-max : The maximum number of days you can spend on this trek. Prolonged itinerary can be discussed with our team.
AWTD : Average walking time per day (<3 : easy, 3 to 5 : moderate, >5 : strenuous)

Altitudes of your trek

Min : Minimum altitude of your trek.
Max : Maximum altitude of your trek.
Ascent : The total ascending difference of altitude on the trek.
Descent : The total descending difference of altitude on the trek.

Difficulty of your trek

Stamina : The physical effort involved during your trek. Rated from 0 (easiest) to 100 (most strenuous). If you have an average fitness you can consider all the treks up to 50. See here for more details
Technical : Difficulty of your trek in terms of exposure to danger and required experience.
0 to 20 : No difficulties,
20 to 40 : Walking on good mountain trails,
40 to 60 : Some walking on difficult mountain trails (steep slopes, rocks, etc.),
60 to 80: You are exposed to some dangers (void, snow, falling rocks, etc.),
80 to 100 : Experience required (please inquire).
Overall : Average between Stamina and Technical rating.


Day-min : 4 0
Day-max : 5 0
Average walking time : 6 to 7 hrs 0


Min : 3170 m 0
Max : 4907 m 0
Ascent : 2300 m 0
Descent : 2500 m 0


Stamina : 75 % 0
Technical : 65 % 0
Overall : 70 % 0
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Lamayuru to Chilling trek map in Zanskar

Map of the Trek from Lamayuru To Chilling in Zanskar


The trek starts with a nice introduction to hiking in Zanskar : the crossing of Prinkiti La. You are then ready to go for the more serious part of the trek that will take you through two more passes deep in the wilderness of Ladakh till Chilling

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Zanskar trek, best time to go

Best time to trek in Zanskar is from May to September.
You can also consider January and February for the famous Chadar trek on the frozen Zanskar river or for observation of the Snow Leopard.








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You may go


Best time to go


Best time to go


Best time to go


Best time to go


You may go







Pre-Trek Day: Arrival in Lamayuru

  2 hrs by car

   in a guesthouse
Arrive in Lamayuru in the afternoon and spend the night there. Take this opportunity to explore the renowned Lamayuru Monastery, the oldest monastery in Ladakh.

Day One : From Lamayuru to Wanla

  5 hours

    +350m / -600m

   in a homestay
Embark on foot from Lamayuru, crossing barley fields before entering a small valley leading to the Prinkiti La pass. The ascent is gradual until the base of the pass, followed by a short, steeper climb to reach the pass. Descend through a strikingly arid yet scenic valley where the river supports village agriculture. Reach Wanla by evening.

Day Two : Wanla to Hinju

    1 hr by car


    in a homstay
Today, navigate the old trek trail, now a motorable road, to Hinju. While the route traverses the Zanskar range, options include walking on the road, taking a car, or following an old shepherd's trail avoiding the road. Explore Hinju's Gompa and relish a traditional Ladakhi dinner at your homestay.

Day Three : Hinju to Sumda Chenmo via Kongze La Pass

  7 hours

 +1100m / -1000m

   in a homestay
Prepare for a challenging day as you hike through Zanskar's arid landscape, marveling at the colorful rock formations shaped by mountain strata. Ascend gradually to Kongze La pass (4907 m), where high altitude effects may be felt. Enjoy the breathtaking views before descending to Sumda Chenmo, either staying in a homestay or camping.

Day Four : Sumda Chenmo to Chilling via Dung Dung La Pass

  7 hours

 +900m / -1600m

 under tents
Continue your descent along the river, passing through vegetation before ascending towards Dung Dung La (4630 m). Though steeper than previous climbs, acclimatization and lower elevation make it manageable. From the pass, admire views of Markha valley, Stok Kangri, and Kang Yatse before descending to Chilling, where your trek concludes. Transfer to your preferred accommodation via taxi.

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